"I never feel more connected with myself and the here and now,
than when I give myself permission to drift"

The Collections

Cascading Light

Magical energy that cascades downwards and upwards in a wash of colour that inspires and enlightens. All these paintings can be hung vertically and horizontally, showing the interconnected flow of energy between all living things on earth.


Expressive and dynamic paintings full of colour, life, promise and abundance. Symbolising the possibility of starting anew, to let dreams blossom and to dance. Not telling the story of the flower, but the story of life, love and energy.

Nature Scapes

An ode towards the ethereal, magical tones and moods of nature. Exploring the boundaries between imagination and reality, abstraction and figurative imagery. Inviting the viewer to see more, and to look longer.

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About The Artist

The anticipation and acceptance that the journey has begun. To get lost in order to find yourself. Transported to a place where there is no need to explain anything or answer any question. To just dive in to that feeling that exists somewhere between reality and memory. The whole process is simultaneously subtle and bold, complex and simple, planned and spontaneous. I truly love that moment when something timeless and contemporary appears. I feel most centered whilst painting, so the whole process has a meditative and contemplative quality to it.


Thank you so much for your interest in my artwork! Contact me for a commissioned piece with no obligation to purchase. You will be notified shortly if your request has been accepted for a slot, and we can discuss specific sizing and pricing from there. Prices are based on the size of the painting. The only requirement is that the subject and style remain true to my own body of work. Typically I will take a brief from you and establish, size, subject, colour-scheme for agreement prior to commencing the piece. A 20% non-refundable deposit is required upon commencement of the commissioned piece.

Rendering Service

Have you seen a painting that you prefer, but are you wondering how it would look in your space? I provide Photoshop renderings of my work in a photo taken by you on location. This helps you get a better visual of what the art could look like in your room. So please send me a clear photo of your space via email and write down the title of the painting or paintings you are considering and I will (normally) get back to you in 1 or 2 business days.


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