Soft and fresh, elaborate colour palettes

New Collections

To Go Within

Taking a step back. This collection started in autumn, a beautiful time for reflection and introspection. Going within and looking back at the learnings and experiences of previous works, blending techniques. Celebrating my love for colour and texture.


Originally started this collection in my back garden during Covid. Where I am normally drawn to abstraction, I found myself feeling a need for figuration, as if I was putting up boundaries against the outside world. I needed that definition of form and shape. I needed the limitation of figuration. Limiting myself, created more space in my head and in my heart. I could feel myself breathe again.


As I work on the garden
the garden works on me

– Gayla Trail –

Smell the flowers, feel the breeze, breathe in deeply and let your feet connect with the earth as you let the garden do its thing.


Gallery Representation