The Collections

Field Of Flowers

Combining memories of walks in England, with short visits to nearby parks and my colourful garden. Embracing something timeless and placeless, yet recognisable.

To Go Within

Taking a step back. Calming down. This collection started in autumn, a beautiful time for reflection and introspection. Going within and looking back at the learnings and experiences of previous works, blending different techniques. Celebrating my love for colour and texture.

Nature Scapes

An ode towards the ethereal, magical tones and moods of nature. Exploring the boundaries between imagination and reality, abstraction and figurative imagery. Inviting the viewer to see more, and to look longer.

Upcoming Exhibitions

4 APRIL – 30 JUNI 2024

Ik exposeer van april tot eind juni in Museum Thijnhof, te Coevorden.
De opening is op donderdag 4 april om 16:00 uur.
Met werken van Joop van Wieren, Nicole Cijs, Maarten van Leuken en Gerke Procee.

Bezoektijden donderdag, vrijdag en zaterdagmiddag van 13:00-17:00 uur.
Museum Thijnhof, Gasthuisstraat 2a, 7741 HS Coevorden

Gallery Representation