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Nature Nomad

Remembering and embracing the slow rhythms of the seasons and places of travel, whilst wandering, as an artistic nomad, with textures and paint on canvas from one place or feeling to the next. Searching for that harmony that is always apparent in nature.

A Place Called Home

Within a whirlwind of emotion and unseen danger, the world is slowing down. Being more aware of the need to interact, to love, sooth and share. This is also seeping in to my work. Energy versus calmness, soft lines against rough textures. Within this uncertain life, a new and gentler awareness is arising.

Cascading Light

Magical energy that cascades downwards and upwards in a wash of colour that inspires and enlightens. All these paintings can be hung vertically and horizontally, showing the interconnected flow of energy between all living things on earth.


Expressive and dynamic paintings full of colour, life, promise and abundance. Symbolising the possibility of starting anew, to let dreams blossom and to dance. Not telling the story of the flower, but the story of life, love and energy.

Nature Scapes

An ode towards the ethereal, magical tones and moods of nature. Exploring the boundaries between imagination and reality, abstraction and figurative imagery. Inviting the viewer to see more, and to look longer.

Living Colours

The intersections of life, the moments when paths cross and we are at the intersection of who we are now and the known, towards whomever we want to become and the unknown. There’s no such thing as the wrong decision. There’s simply the decision you make and the opportunity to make it again.


“Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors and fight battles that nobody knows about” – Author unknown


A serie of works signifying the advent of change.


Abstracted visions inspired by geology found on or in the earth and beyond. A free and visual interpretation of the processes by where dust, gasses and or pressure accumulates into larger bodies such as stars and planets, as well as caves, minerals and crystals


Presenting a sense of space, that invites to travel beyond the physical to a place of spiritual consciousness.

Expansive Shift

A serie of experimental works and studies. Trying out different tools, media, surfaces, colour combinations, textures and styles.

Broad Spectrum

Started life as quick palette studies, but eventually resulted in harmonieus colour symphonies on small scale, developed from a mixture of imagination and instinct.

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Fungi Forest

These three dimensional works emerged in my mind after an early morning walk near my home in the beginning of autumn. Primarily made because I enjoyed the process of trying to capture something that I saw in a different and slightly altered language. Making them uniquely my own.