Art For Your New Space

To me art belongs in any interior. It provides inspiration, sets a colour palette and brings personality to a space. The right painting in the right place can provide for the entire room. It finishes a decor and completes it. Need to decorate a new space? Start by searching for a painting that portrays your desired style, taste and preferred colours. Secondly let your treasured painting help you with developing your colour scheme. Considering the following:
A) Decorate from dark to light
B) Combine cold and warm tones
C) Use greys as your base
D) For a splash of colour, use a small colour accent from the painting. Use these for your colours in accessories, like pillows, to highlight the piece even more

The combination will pull everything together as a whole. As an extra tip: Use your wall colour in your curtains or window draping. For an example of this, please view one of my boards on Pinterest “Develop Interior Color Schemes“. When in doubt, bring the painting to your local shop and let them assist you. They are trained for this and most likely really love to help out.

How to Hang Art

Step 1:
You first need to start with the right hardware, which depends on the weight of the piece you are hanging and what type of hanging device is on the piece. For example adhesive strips work well for light weight or temporary pieces.

Step 2: One piece
If you are hanging one piece or art, the middle should be on eye level. Keeping in mind the hanging hardware placement (such as wire) and deduct that from the centre height.

Step 2: Different pieces
If you are hanging an arrangement of different pieces, start with the height of the centrepiece and work in pieces around it. Place the middle of the centrepiece on eye level.

Step 3:
Figure out the horizontal placement of the nail or hook. Look at what you’ll be hanging the art in relation to, such as between two windows or above a sofa. Measure the distance between these two reference points and divide by two. This number will be the center point. Use the centrepiece as a reference point for hanging the other pieces in the arrangement.