Unusual Art - 2018

Bold abstraction with a twist – Artfinder Collection – Editors Pick

Pick from the wildest and brightest abstracts on Artfinder. Abstracted landscapes or cityscapes are kicked-up a notch with the inclusion of a few surprise materials such as sand, grout or even sponge. Incorporate one giant piece of unusual wall art as a statement piece, or a few smaller pieces of contrasting texture to make up a gallery wall.

Nicole Cijs uses grout (not from the shower) and sand to get that rough, three-dimensional look for her soothing abstracts.

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The story of Nicole Cijs - 2016

A Great Dutch Artist – accessART

It is funny how small things in life sometimes end up being life changing. In Nicole Cijs‘ case, this moment was a box of pencils she got from her brother. For Nicole, receiving these pencils from her brother was the moment when the passion for art really hit off. Starting to work with layers, combining colors and taking painting more seriously. Now, years later, Nicole Cijs is a professional artist and that particular pencil box has been a great inspiration for her!

We recently met Nicole and interviewed her. In this post, we would like to invite you to have a closer look into Nicole Cijs’ life and learn about her as an artist. Lean back and enjoy!

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Exercising considerable freedom of technique and execution, she has found her own style and has exhibited and sold her paintings throughout Europe, Asia and America.