Fine Art


Surface design, floral illustrations and clipart

Being an artist and designer still feels like the greatest job ever, and more then once used as the best excuse to explore absolutely everything that felt interesting to me. However, after working in various media over the years, I discovered that I sometimes missed working with my colour pencils. I started to combine them with acrylics, creating a water-coloured effect, but with more density and crispness of colour. The amount of freshness and detail I can bring to a petal, leave or flower still holds the power to amaze me and it gives me great pleasure to work on them. After creating several of these pieces, I decided to use them for several projects, such as clipart, gift warp and on greeting cards. The clipart is perfect for wedding invitations, scrapbooking and any shabby chic paper projects you might be working on.

My greeting card collections are available via Kaartje2Go (NL).

Sorry, this section of my website is still very much a work in progress.

(clipart, wallpaper and fabric section is yet to come)