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About The Artist

about the artist

I never feel more connected with myself and the here and now, then when I give myself the permission to drift.

Nicole Geerlings-Cijs (1979) lives in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands,  since 2014. She paints with mixed media materials and acrylics five days a week in her home studio. Fascinated by art as far back as she can remember, she started young with colour pencils, in figurative floral styles on paper. Around 2005 she worked digitally for several years, until finally discovering her love for abstract painting in 2013. She has continued to develop and work in this style ever since.  She initially started her career working with children for several years, but decided in 2016 it was time to follow her passion and take the plunge in becoming a full-time painter and designer. In the past few years Nicole has participated in a several group exhibitions and large art events, as well as smaller solo exhibitions. Having her work included in private collections throughout Europe, the United States and Asia.

Nicole about her fine art paintings …

I truly love that moment when something timeless and contemporary appears. I am drawn to nature related themes and respond to the multiplicity and intricacy of the colours and textures I can create. I feel most centered whilst painting, so the whole process has a meditative and contemplative quality to it. I often combine acrylic paint with several mediums, such as gels and pastes on canvas.

When working on these pieces, either with a sponge, gloves, brush, spatula or via poring methods, I introduce colour and contrast until the first stage of a piece feels right and finished. In the second stage I let the emerged shapes lead me in to either a distinct, bold, and rapid manner of working or towards an intuitive, slow and delicate build up of layers, lines and arrangements until all individual parts feel balanced and play the right supporting role in the overall composition.

My love for art and creation lies in this second stage. It pushes and pulls the creative process within my own artistic journey: Letting my love for the materials, different techniques and the drive to create out, whilst always providing new insights and moments of learning and reflection. Some paintings only come together after many layers have been applied, amplified or subdued and I have to be alert and in tune with my work to see and not miss those important phases. I have exhibited and sold paintings, throughout The Netherlands and beyond, from 2001 and onwards.

Nicole about her surface designs …

Inspired by nature I equally use pencils, paints and pixels as mediums for my work. I started as a professional artist in 2001 and done a multitude of graphic art designs from 2005 and onwards. I specialize in hand made floral illustrations. In 2014 my husband and I, plus our dog Khorne, moved to a quiet street in Hoofddorp (NL). We quickly turned the biggest bedroom in to an art studio (it was actually the first room that we finished).

Even from an early age I’ve always been creative and interested in everything graphic. As I grew I noticed that the design world incorporates many disciplines and really touches all areas of creation. This sparked my interest for the area of surface (pattern) design. To create pieces of art, that would merge with objects that would not be liked, but be loved and treasured. As you may have guessed by now I love to create art and to infuse it in different graphic designs. Pieces that can be used, worn and enjoyed in everyday life. This feeling and desire is where my Art & Design journey began. Honestly, anything that has something to do with art, craftsmanship, creation, hobby and DIY makes my heart race. I treasure, research, use, spread and wear it.

In 2014 I decided to follow a DTP Advanced study so I would be able to grasp all the technical aspects as well and learn how to use the different design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as a Pro. After this it would still take me nearly a year to launch my own collection. My style is created from the heart and shows a blend of romantic and modern nature inspired, whimsical imagery and more classical illustrations.